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Brentnell Recreation Center Additions & Renovations

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About This Project

Work at the Brentnell Recreation Center included additions totaling 7,900 square feet which housed a new Multi-Purpose Room with an accessible stage, new Art Room, and a new Office, new accessible toilets and mechanical spaces, as well as an addition at the Gymnasium to create space for new bleachers and equipment storage. The remaining 6,200 square feet of existing space was renovated to create better sight lines for safety and security, new glass block windows for secure penetration of daylight into the facility, new interior finishes throughout, new interior, exterior, and site lighting, HVAC, and upgraded plumbing. The Front Desk was completely renovated and enlarged, the Weight Room was doubled in size, the Game Room was provided with a glass display case providing visibility through to the Front Desk, and recesses were created in the main Corridor to keep the vending machines out of the path of circulation. At the exterior, the parking area was doubled in size and repaved, the tennis and basketball courts were repaired, with provision of a new practice wall at the tennis court.