Athens City Schools

New Construction, Additions and Renovations

K-12 Schools
About This Project

We provided pre-bond issue programming and planning services to Athens City Schools. Due to the age and condition of its existing academic facilities, the District decided to reconfigure its (4) K-5 Elementary Schools into (2) new PK-3 schools, to expand and renovate (1) of the schools, and to abandon the fourth school. At one of the new PK-3 schools, an existing school was demolished prior to constructing the new school. The other PK-3 school was constructed on the same site as one of their current schools and once construction was completed, that school was demolished. This program included the renovation of the Middle School.

The District participated in the Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP), with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

The new schools were designed to LEED Version 4 requirements. The addition and renovation project was designed to LEED Version 3 requirements.